From Wharf T&T Limited to WTT HK Limited
A New Era with a New Name and New Brand Identity
2017 marks an inspiring year for Wharf T&T as we embarked on our new page of growth and development following the change of ownership in November last year.

As an essential step of the Company's evolution, we are proud to announce our new company name with a new brand identity. On 15 June 2017, our Company name was changed from Wharf T&T Limited to WTT HK Limited and in Chinese from九倉電訊有限公司to 滙港電訊有限公司. The new logo design is a subtle evolution from our old logo, with the bird symbol gifted with more power, energy and freedom. Winning Together is our new motto about what we ultimately want to achieve with our customers and stakeholders.

We welcome you to this thrilling new era of WTT as we continue to be your trusted ICT partner!